Weeks 22-24

So Life can be so freaking surprising!

I thought that the hardest part of my life in weeks 22-24 was going to be about finishing my MKMMA journey. And then BAM!   My Mom gets sick and her lips are turning blue and I am really freaking out!  I call 911 and the ambulance arrives at my house and I watch them take my Mom out on a stretcher as she is gasping for air with an oxygen mask on her face.  My heart was hurting so bad due to how afraid I am about what was going on with my Mom.

I took her to the Dr. the week before and he said she has an upper respiratory infection.  Now this Dr. has been seeing my Mom for at least 10 years.  And boy did he misdiagnose her. NO DOC!  It is pneumonia and congestive heart failure.  Boy did you screw up!  Guess they don’t call it ” Practicing medicine” for nothing… Sense my sarcasm?

So now Mom is finally home and the journey of helping her to heal begins.  Not an easy journey so far.

But as all of this chaos was going on in my life I realized that some really good things were starting to emerge out of the clouds of self doubt and fear.

I realized that when I got divorced after 32 years of marriage that I felt like my right hand had been cut off.  I now realize that back then I started to do things left handed due to the hurt, But, that was a lot harder for me since I was right handed.  But I now have turned things around in my life and I am able to use my right hand again.  And my first order of business with my right hand is to wave GOOD-BYE to my former spouse and hello to the NEW & IMPROVED ME 🙂

Next thing that I realized was that I had something on my Yellow circle on my board.   So with that said the phone rings.  My youngest daughter has made the decision to move down to Florida to start over & to help me with my Mom.  She asks me if she & the baby could stay with me?  My beautiful Grand Daughter will be 16 months old on March 30th..  Part of me was, and is still saying YIKES!  BUT, the other part of me realizes that on my board on the Yellow circle I have written in there Happy Florida Compound March 2015″.  I started to cry realizing that the end of my sad lonely days are beginning to happen, and  after a very nasty divorce  it is all turning around for me.  YAHHHH!!!  HAPPY FLORIDA COMPOUND 2015…….CHECK 🙂

So even though my Mom got sick I am happy that I now have her back.  Though my daughter was having a difficult time and she has decided to come to help us and start over, I believe it will all turn out that we will be helping each other.  GIVE MORE GET MORE!!!

I am so excited to see tomorrows webinar!  This journey has been amazing!

I want to Thank Mark J. & The Fabulous Daveen and ALL of the support team for all of the great love and support we have gotten.

A special Thank you to Carol Marsocci my WONDERFUL guild.  Thank you all for your support.

I look forward to continuing this journey with all of my kindred spirits.



It is really amazing how powerful our minds are.

I have had a few experiences in the last few weeks which have kind of scared me.

Parking spots that open up when I want them to.  Sales within my business. Friends that I have thought about that call me for no reason.

Your mind works for good and bad.  My Mom has been fearing being in the hospital. And guess what?  She just got out and the illness that she has feared for the last 2 years was the thing that put her into the hospital.

Watch what you think about!!


So where do I even start?

I was blown away to see that we have 1200 thoughts per minute.

WOW, no wonder why I don’t sleep great and have issues with the sit!  I can not stop all of these thoughts in my head,  But, when I concentrate on the new me.  EVERYTHING else becomes quite and I can really see the new me emerging.  And I have to tell you that is so very exciting!!!!

I am so overwhelmed with this information and I see these things starting to come together for me.  I am so amazed.

I can not wait to see what this upcoming webinar reveals.



So week 19 was a week off from MKMMA.  However, it was not a week off from life throwing things at me.  So much going on right now and to much to mention on this little old blog.  BUT, I must persist.

I YOU tubed the Who Moved the Goal Post video and that was interesting.  This is the one I watched.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNXQPil8X4                If there is another that you all watched and found interesting please share the link..

Catching up with things is a bit harder then I thought… But I really need to do this.  I am to close to the finish line to let Old Subby take over now…


Week 18 2015

So sorry this is late… My pup left this earth last Monday and it hurts so bad 😦

So the reading of the obituaries was a bit out there for me.  I have always said as long as I am not reading about myself then I know I am still good. I say that because many feel that we are all spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Death is part of that earthly experience.  I lost my Irish setter Feb. 2nd  and I am so devastated.  Some cold heartless people have said well it is only a dog you can get another one.   REALLY??  I would rather have my loving tender puppy in my life rather then your sour puss loser self!  Oh did I say that out loud?

But after reading these obituaries I found myself asking this one question.  Did this persons family and friends tell this now diciest person how great and wonderful they were while they were alive? Or did they just wright that in his/her obit?  I saw things like “Great Father”, Great Husband, “Loving brother/sister”, etc…But did their family share how wonderful and great they were while they were alive?  Everyone should in my opinion tell that to your loved ones while they are alive to enjoy your love and appreciation it.  Please don’t wait for them to have passed on before you mention that. 

I tell my family I love them every time I speak with them.  Some may say that is to much but I don’t think so.  None of us know when our last day is so I am going to live it like it is my last and tell the ones that matter to me that I LOVE THEM!!

So now I am heading out to go do something nice for someone. I enjoyed that so much I will always keep doing this exercise..  I hope I don’t get caught 🙂  LOL

Go out and live this day like you know you should!! ENJOY IT!!



I would love to be a hero to my children. 







Doesn’t all of the above sound GREAT?

So our mission here should you chose to accept it is to Grow babe Grow and Get more, Give more! But , you will have to let go of the old you and move into the Newer happier model.  Are you willing to do what it takes?  I know I am!  I am focusing on the new me!

I thought that video of Aimee was great!

If you read my other blog remember I now have a life raft to make it to my RIVER OF DREAMS!!  How do you like me now subby?  HA!

I may be stepping into the unknown, but I am trusting my wings.  They have become much stronger since my experience with MKMMA.   I will NO longer limit my thinking.

I am no longer hanging on to the Old me or that darn banana.  I had my funeral today.  dropped my list into the fire and then took the ashes and allowed them to drift into the unknown of the ocean.  What a relief that was.. Bye, bye to the old me and HELLO TO THE SEXY NEW ME!!!  🙂





SO life thinks it can get in my way.  HAHA, the old subby thinks that it can make me tumble back into the old ways of the old subby.  BUT, the old subby doesn’t know that I now have a life raft that will take me down this River of Dreams that I now know I want.  I want to have a legacy! I want to be happy & healthy and live in abundance!!!

CONTENDERS FOCUS ON BASICS!  that is what I keep on doing when life gets in the way and tries and tries to pull me down…. Kind of like the 3 little pigs with the wolf.  I will keep on building a stronger me so that NO ONE and NOTHING can blow me down! (me being silly, but it is true:)

My early vision of this was that ‘this isn’t going to work”.  SURPRISE, SURPRISE IT DOES WORK!! Some are small things that are happening for me but other things are looking like they are going to be HUGE!!!

I love the idea of harmony and kindness going hand and hand… Don’t you?

I want to manifest abundance on demand!  I am putting this out into the universe as part of my “Makeover”.

The law of growth.. that is what I am all about now.  I totally understand that we can not light our own path to success and abundance if we don’t help others along the way. I NOW BELIEVE IT!!

The struggle.  Change my thought, change my life.  Sounds simple, but not always.

WOW!!!     PERMISSION…      REALLY?    IS IT REALLY THAT SIMPLE?  Tears were rolling down my face because I realized I have not given myself PERMISSION to be happy in the last 5 years since my husband walked out on me.  THANK YOU FOR THE ONE SPECIAL WORD THAT HAS CHANGED MY WORLD:-)