Week 13…..




Truer words have never been spoken.  But, we don’t always think this way because the Old blueprint keeps wanting to resurface.  NOOOOOOOOO!  You can not come out until you are SUPER FANTASTIC and ready to ROCK the new FABULOUS YOU!  Stay in your quite spot and keep reading, keep saying,  I am whole. perfect, strong, powerful , loving, harmonious and happy”!   I can be what I will to be!  Flash those cards babe and know you have accomplished so much..

Many challenges surfaced this week, but I found myself going around them so skillfully that I shocked myself.  Most of it would have been Belief last week, but this week it was BEEF STROGANOFF  haha

NARC:  Twas the NARC before Christmas and all through the house there were squares, circles, triangles and rectangles dancing around.  LOL,  What a great Christmas gift we were all given this week. I just love when these type of things are happening to me especially in this magical holiday season.  This whole MKMMA experience is so magical and such a true blessing for me.  I love it!

Hey subby now hear this.  “I AM A FEARLESS VICTOR”!  got it?

More cards all done!  YAHH for me. Look at my accomplishments!

Ok off to rent those movies.  See ya all soon!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Think about how Super Fantastic we will all be in 2015!  🙂


Each and every week that I tune in to watch the webinar Mark and The Fabulous Davene & crew blow me away!  Why you ask?  Well it is  when they say some of the most simplistic things. Light bulb moments. It just makes so much sense and I have that dumb question in my mind.  “Why didn’t I think of that”? That is so easy and simple, why had I never thought of it that way before?  I guess that is why they get paid the big bucks. 🙂  LOL

So these cards now….Something as simple as ” Mother to Matt” “Mother to Michelle”.. “Mother to Elizabeth”,  “Grandmother to Faye Michelle”.  It is BRILLIANT!  Of course I have accomplished more in my life then I ever realized.  I just never took the credit for it.  Why the heck not?  I did it all, so why didn’t I think of this…I am also FABULOUS!! (sorry Davene:)


Week 11…..

So Wow!  I keep asking myself how did we get to week 11 already? With hard work…

My mantra” I am whole. perfect, strong, powerful , loving, harmonious and happy”!

I am saying all of this, plus reading my cards, my Master keys, Og, etc.  Trying to care for my Mom.  Working 3 businesses from my home.  YIKES!  But I will continue to march on because this journey for me will be MY game changer.  I am so ready for the old blue print to be a part of my past. Nope history will not be repeating itself for this Gal In The Glass! It is time to start an all new and wondrous journey!   I believe and take hold of a magical wonderful journey.

Have a blessed day everyone!

I am whole. perfect, strong, powerful , loving, harmonious and happy”!

So…I like my new exciting life!

Week 10 Did you miss me?

Boy I can share with you that life is funny sometimes.

So I wasn’t feeling well.  Turns out my gallbladder decided it wanted out.  I was in so much pain.  It is out and all is well now!

But, If I thought I was behind before I surely am now.  I am going to be taking the week to catch up.  I need to contact my Guild for a little guidance this week to help me get refocused and caught up. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost due to my absence.

NOTHING will take me down!  I am living in True Health and Legacy and I will not allow these subby games to get in my way.  Nice try subby but you will not win and you are going to be reprogrammed weather you like it or not!  🙂  LOL

I think my subby thinks she is still in charge,  I guess she didn’t get the memo that things were changing around here and that I AM NOW IN CHARGE!

Loving Scroll reading.  Love my Dream board.  I went and took pictures of the things I am working on achieving.  What a great project.  I loved doing it.  I did one before but this time it really is feeling so much better.

Well go to run and SERVE dinner to my Mom.  One of my many services I enjoy doing.  Love helping others!!

Have a Super fantastic Sunday!