SO life thinks it can get in my way.  HAHA, the old subby thinks that it can make me tumble back into the old ways of the old subby.  BUT, the old subby doesn’t know that I now have a life raft that will take me down this River of Dreams that I now know I want.  I want to have a legacy! I want to be happy & healthy and live in abundance!!!

CONTENDERS FOCUS ON BASICS!  that is what I keep on doing when life gets in the way and tries and tries to pull me down…. Kind of like the 3 little pigs with the wolf.  I will keep on building a stronger me so that NO ONE and NOTHING can blow me down! (me being silly, but it is true:)

My early vision of this was that ‘this isn’t going to work”.  SURPRISE, SURPRISE IT DOES WORK!! Some are small things that are happening for me but other things are looking like they are going to be HUGE!!!

I love the idea of harmony and kindness going hand and hand… Don’t you?

I want to manifest abundance on demand!  I am putting this out into the universe as part of my “Makeover”.

The law of growth.. that is what I am all about now.  I totally understand that we can not light our own path to success and abundance if we don’t help others along the way. I NOW BELIEVE IT!!

The struggle.  Change my thought, change my life.  Sounds simple, but not always.

WOW!!!     PERMISSION…      REALLY?    IS IT REALLY THAT SIMPLE?  Tears were rolling down my face because I realized I have not given myself PERMISSION to be happy in the last 5 years since my husband walked out on me.  THANK YOU FOR THE ONE SPECIAL WORD THAT HAS CHANGED MY WORLD:-)


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