Week 18 2015

So sorry this is late… My pup left this earth last Monday and it hurts so bad 😦

So the reading of the obituaries was a bit out there for me.  I have always said as long as I am not reading about myself then I know I am still good. I say that because many feel that we are all spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Death is part of that earthly experience.  I lost my Irish setter Feb. 2nd  and I am so devastated.  Some cold heartless people have said well it is only a dog you can get another one.   REALLY??  I would rather have my loving tender puppy in my life rather then your sour puss loser self!  Oh did I say that out loud?

But after reading these obituaries I found myself asking this one question.  Did this persons family and friends tell this now diciest person how great and wonderful they were while they were alive? Or did they just wright that in his/her obit?  I saw things like “Great Father”, Great Husband, “Loving brother/sister”, etc…But did their family share how wonderful and great they were while they were alive?  Everyone should in my opinion tell that to your loved ones while they are alive to enjoy your love and appreciation it.  Please don’t wait for them to have passed on before you mention that. 

I tell my family I love them every time I speak with them.  Some may say that is to much but I don’t think so.  None of us know when our last day is so I am going to live it like it is my last and tell the ones that matter to me that I LOVE THEM!!

So now I am heading out to go do something nice for someone. I enjoyed that so much I will always keep doing this exercise..  I hope I don’t get caught 🙂  LOL

Go out and live this day like you know you should!! ENJOY IT!!

3 thoughts on “Week 18 2015

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about your doggie! My Ninya passed away two years ago now and I still miss her; they are not ‘just’ dogs or ‘just’ animals, they are part of our lives and hearts, and why shouldn’t they be? They are children of the universe, the same as we are. Good for you, using the grief as a catalyst for appreciating the others in your life!


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