So where do I even start?

I was blown away to see that we have 1200 thoughts per minute.

WOW, no wonder why I don’t sleep great and have issues with the sit!  I can not stop all of these thoughts in my head,  But, when I concentrate on the new me.  EVERYTHING else becomes quite and I can really see the new me emerging.  And I have to tell you that is so very exciting!!!!

I am so overwhelmed with this information and I see these things starting to come together for me.  I am so amazed.

I can not wait to see what this upcoming webinar reveals.


5 thoughts on “WEEK 20

  1. Christel Waltman says:

    Yupp its a great revelation! What’s so cool is that we learn to control and substitute those countless thoughts 🙂
    Blessings and more revelations on you Journey, Faye


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