It is really amazing how powerful our minds are.

I have had a few experiences in the last few weeks which have kind of scared me.

Parking spots that open up when I want them to.  Sales within my business. Friends that I have thought about that call me for no reason.

Your mind works for good and bad.  My Mom has been fearing being in the hospital. And guess what?  She just got out and the illness that she has feared for the last 2 years was the thing that put her into the hospital.

Watch what you think about!!

4 thoughts on “WEEK 21

  1. Christel Waltman says:

    Living proof ..for What You focus on grows, indeed. Keep focusing on the positive, your DMP and fruitful abundance 🙂


  2. All of us in MKMMA are so concious of our thinking. For me the most powerful is you can only have one thought in your mind..And it better be a positive and happy one.


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